Stephen Clawson, Pod22 Founder + Principal
(503) 475-7176


Stephen Clawson is a kind, creative and a genuine caring person with a passion to make a difference. I worked with him in Zimbabwe, Africa filming a CNN International half-hour feature. Stephen helped guide me every step of the way. His ability to create a compelling story and strategy compliment his many talents.

Jessica Ellis,
CNN International
Special Projects Producer

I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen Clawson on several diversified marketing and cause related projects.

As the president and owner of an international public relations and brand development agency, I found Stephen’s dedication to any given project to be impressive. He has the ability to see and grasp both short and long term goals. He is a strong team player and worked extremely well with a diversified group of staff members and board members. Stephen easily adapts to any given environment and offers well thought strategies in regard to achieving goals.

Christine King
TMG International

My first introduction to Stephen Clawson was as a correspondent for People magazine. I was assigned to document the progress of a Zimbabwean boy that Operation of Hope had rescued from a life of certain doom (and I don’t say that lightly). For a year I followed Stephen and his efforts and witnessed firsthand how Stephen deals with people, challenges, strategy and media relations. In the end I walked away understanding his expertise and benefited from his genuine creativity and openness.

Alexandra Fleming
People Magazine
Author / Journalist

I had the pleasure of partnering with Stephen Clawson while assigned to O the Oprah Magazine. It would be hard to overstate his devotion, energy, empathy, and simple street smarts for work that is, at best, challenging. Stephen connects immediately with people and manages a myriad of necessary tasks and would be a true asset to your organization.

Aimee Lee Ball
O Oprah Magazine
Author / Journalist